Recycle Recycling & Household Waste Sites

Use this page to find information on your local recycling and household waste site (RHWS), sometimes known as a CA site or ‘the tip’.


If you have household recycling or waste to dispose of that isn’t collected as part of your kerbside collection service, then your local Recycling and Household Waste Site (RHWS) may be for you.

County residents should use the search function of the Leicestershire County Council website to find  details of your nearest RHWS, its opening days and what types of waste are acceptable.

City residents should use the relevant page on the Leicester City Council website.

Accepted waste

Not all sites can accept all types of waste, so please check in advance of making a booking. The types of waste currently accept are detailed on the waste site pages.

Whilst the service is generally free of charge, from May 2016 charges have applied for the disposal of some specified material types. Full details are available on the County Council website.

If you intend to dispose of some types of waste, for example household chemicals, you may need to apply for a waste permit in addition to making a booking. You may also be directed to dispose of the material at a specific site. More details on the types of materials that require a waste permit, and how to apply for and use one are available here.


Opening times

Cars: opening days vary for each site and are detailed on the waste site pages. 4x4s are considered cars as long as all seats are present and forward facing. A 4×4 that has been adapted for the carriage of goods will be considered a van.

Vans and cars with trailers: can only book on mornings, on limited days, at all open sites (except Somerby). Saturday mornings are available at some sites. Vans include camper vans / motorhomes, minibuses, pick-up trucks and any vehicles constructed, intended or adapted for the carriage of goods up to 3.5t.

Pedestrian access is not permitted at any site.


Trade waste

If you need a regular collection of business or commercial waste, you can arrange a collection through your district council or through a licenced waste contractor. For occasional or one-off disposal, you can take your waste to the Whetstone Transfer Station (visit the County Council website for a list of charges and to find out if pre-booking is required), to a commercial waste transfer station, or you can hire a skip.