Fly-tipping, or illegal dumping of waste, is an unsightly blight on local communities that causes harm to the environment and can be costly to clear away.

Leicestershire councils deal with 12,000 fly-tipping incidents per year.

#IfOnly we had enough evidence to prosecute every fly-tipper.

 Fly-tipping is a crime

Check your legal waste requirements

What to do to make sure you don’t break the law when:

 Report a fly-tipper

Have you seen a fly-tip or someone fly-tipping in Leicestershire?

Please let us know. Sending us information and evidence helps us to find and prosecute those responsible. Select your council to report a tip or tipper:


BlabyCharnwoodHarboroughH&BLeicester CityMeltonNorth WestO&W


Not sure which is your local council? Click here

Book a large item (bulky waste) collection

Find information about your council’s collections for large items. Select your council for more information:

BlabyCharnwoodHarboroughH&BLeicester CityMeltonNorth WestO&W


Not sure which is your local council? Click here

Recycling and Household Waste Sites

Find information and opening hours of your local recycling centres here:

Beware of the Super-Fly-Tipper!

Look out for the SuperFly-Tipper! Watch our video:


Please report any fly-tipping incident that you witness as soon as possible and always make sure that YOUR waste never ends up fly-tipped.