Recycle What happens to your kerbside recycling?

If you are a resident of Blaby DC, Charnwood BC, Harborough DC, Hinckley & Bosworth BC and Oadby and Wigston BC or Melton BC, then the materials from your recycling bin (or bag) currently go to Casepak, which is a materials recycling facility in Leicester.

Your co-mingled materials are separated using state of the art equipment and then baled and sent to various companies for reprocessing. Table 1 below (Material Stream End Products), gives examples of what the materials are turned into. The list of materials below gives the material end destinations for the previous month.

You can find out more about Casepak and their sorting facility here

If you are a resident of North West Leicestershire DC then you can check what happens to your recycling  here


Table 1 Material Stream End Products*

Material Stream Comprising of End Products
Mixed Papers Office white, envelopes, wrapping paper, phone directories, junk mail & drinks cartons (tetra-packs) Paper packaging
Newspapers & Magazines Newspapers & Magazines Newspapers
Cardboard/OCC Corrugated boxes, brown card, coloured card Cardboard/Brown Paper Packaging
Glass – 10-50mm Mixed coloured drink bottles, drink glass & glass food containers Re-melt for new glass products
Aluminium Cans, aerosols & aluminium foil Aluminium Ingots
Steel Drink cans, food tins, General steel products
PET Bottles Clear plastic bottles Plastics pellets for new PET bottles and some clothing.
HDPE Bottles Milk Bottles New HDPE Bottles and film.
LDPE/Mixed Jazz Films Low density polyethylene/mixed colour plastic bags Plastic Film
Mixed Plastics Plastics pots, trays and coloured bottles of PVC, PP and PS grades Variety of plastic products including film, insulation materials and clothing
Residue Non-recyclable material Solid Recovered Fuels which is currently used as a replacement to fossil fuels for the heating of kilns.

End Destinations for February 2019


  • Fujian Liansheng Paper Industry Co, Ltd, China
  • Palak Paper Mill LLP, India
  • Pt Fajar Surya Wiseasa Tbk, Jakarta, Indonesia

Mixed Papers

  • DS Smith, Kemsley Paper Mill, Kent
  • Diyan Papers LLP, Gujarat, India and Dist-Morbi, India
  • Pt Fajar Surya Wisesa Tbk, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Palak Paper Mill LLP, India
  • Dongargaon Paper Mills PVT Ltd, India
  • Tulsi Paper Mills PVT Ltd, India

PET Bottles and Trays

  • Clean Tech Europe Limited, Gainsborough
  • Berat Pet Geri Donusebilen Mad Tem Nak. Iml. San Vectic AS, Turkey
  • Harel, Gerland, France

HDPE Natural

  • Veolia Dagenham, Essex

Mixed Plastics

  • RVG Claraplast, Belgium
  • Trans Sabater SA, Spain
  • Monoworld Recycling Ltd
  • Environment Massif Central, France
  • Berat Pet Geri Donusebilen Mad Tem Nak. Iml. San Vectic AS, Turkey


  • Celsa Steel (UK) Ltd, Cardiff
  • Tata Steel, South Wales
  • Morris & Co Handlers Ltd, Doncaster
  • European Metal Recycling, Nottingham


  • Alutrade Limited, Oldury
  • Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products Facility Gmbh, Nesus

Material Stream – Glass 0-10mm

  • Tarmac, Sapphire Energy Recovery, Leicestershire

Material Stream – Glass 10-50mm

  • Glass Recycling (UK) Ltd, Barnsley
  • Biffa, west Midlands, UK
  • Tetron Welbeck LLP, Notts, UK
  • Recresso Ltd, Merseyside, UK
  • URM (UK) Limited, South Kirkby

Post Sort Residue

  • AVR Afvalverwerking BV, Rotterdam
  • Sita UK Ltd, Warwickshire, UK


*Please note that not all districts collect all materials listed.