Reduce Flytipping

Report flytipping incidences to help protect your local environment.

Flytipping, or illegal dumping of waste, is a unsightly blight on local communities that causes harm to the environment and can be costly to clear away.


Reporting flytipped waste

You have a number of reporting options depending on the nature of the incident.

The Environment Agency investigates larger scale fly-tipping incidents involving more than a lorry load of waste, any amount of hazardous waste and fly-tipping by organised gangs. In these instances, call the Environment Agency hotline on 0800 807060.

Landowners are responsible for clearing fly-tipped waste on private land. However, you may wish to report the incident to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

Local authorities are responsible for investigating and clearing up the smaller scale fly-tipping on public land, including roads and lay-bys. All of Leicestershire’s district and borough councils offer an easy to use reporting form on their website, which can be found by following the links below:


Your legal responsibilities

Householders have a Duty of Care to check that someone they pay to remove waste from their property is a licensed waste carrier. It applies to everyone involved in handling the waste from the person who produces it to the person who finally disposes of or recovers it.

If waste taken from your home is found flytipped and is traced back to the household where it came from, the householder could be fined.

If you are asking a third party to dispose of waste on your behalf you have a responsibility to check they are a Registered Waste Carrier. You can do this by asking to see their certificate and getting a receipt confirming what they have taken and where they have disposed of it. Details of registered waste carriers can also be found on the Government website.