If you pay someone to dispose of your waste, make sure they’re operating legally

Householders have a Duty of Care to check that someone they pay to remove waste from their property is a licensed waste carrier.

It applies to everyone involved in handling the waste from the person who produces it to the person who finally disposes of or recovers it.

You can easily check if someone has a waste carriers licence online. Ask for their licence number and then check they are registered | Gov.UK.

When they come to collect your waste, ask them to provide a waste transfer note or a receipt. You can download and print a template: Waste transfer note | Gov.UK

Remember, your waste is still your responsibility, even when you’ve given it to someone else: Read Sue’s story.

Did you know?

If waste taken from your home is found fly-tipped and is traced back to you or your home, you could be taken to court. You could be fined and you may get a criminal record.