Talks and Education Individuals

Everyone is welcome to access our range of video talks. Although we ask schools and community groups to book viewings in advance (so we can get an idea of the size of the audience and offer additional support and resources if necessary), if you are an individual looking to learn more about waste and recycling in Leicestershire you can access online materials here. We periodically add more talks so please do check back now and again.

Available talks

Recycling: (16 minutes) Information around the importance of recycling; the Waste Hierarchy; how to reduce your waste; what you can and can’t recycle from home; what actually happens to your recycling once it leaves your home and finally the issues around putting the wrong things in the recycling bin.

Recycling – A quick guide: (8 minutes) Covering the importance of recycling; how to reduce our waste; what you can and can’t recycle from home; how to present your recycling and where to find further information.


An Introduction to Composting: (15 minutes) This covers the benefits of composting; things to consider before you start; how the process works; what items to put in and what to leave out; and how to tell when its ready.

Compost troubleshooting: (11:30 minutes). Occasionally the composting process goes wrong. This video covers the common causes and offers simple advice to getting your compost bin or heap back to good working order.


Reuse: (10 minutes)  Focuses on ways to increase the reuse of items and reduce the waste we create.

Love Your Clothes: (7 minutes) Facts and information on textile waste and advice on smart buying, care and repair, upcycling, re-fashion and responsible disposal.