Seen any Swifts?

Swift boxes installed in the window of a chuirch

Swift boxed installed.

Swifts are a species of bird that rely on global action to prevent their decline and eventual extinction. They  move seasonally between countries to take advantage of warmer climatic conditions and the seasonal abundance of their insect food supply.  

Humans play a huge role in their success. Simply put, humans need to protect and provide nest sites and look after our insects. We can do this by reducing the use of pesticides such as insecticides and herbicides, making places for our native insects to feed such as in our gardens, roadside verges, public open spaces and farms and protect and create space for the birds to nest.  If we do this, lots of birds, predatory insects and small mammals will have a better chance to survive the negative impacts of climate change and in turn also help to enhance biodiversity. 

If you are a community group wanting to offer more nest sites, or a business willing to donate resources to helping erect Swift boxes please get in touch by emailing