Chicken soup

Submitted by Jenny from Charnwood


  • Sunday chicken dinner leftovers
  • One onion 
  • One slice of bacon  
  • Chicken stock cube


  1. Take your leftover Sunday chicken carcass, put it in the slow cooker with one peeled, roughly chopped onion and any leftover carrots and parsnips, a chicken stock cube, any leftover gravy, one rasher of bacon, enough water to cover it and a bit of salt and pepper 
  2. Put it on low overnight. 
  3. The next day, strain all the liquid into a pan along with the veg, pick any meat off the bones (which will come off really easily) and add that to the pan too. 
  4. This stock/soup freezes well. Proper old fashioned bone stock full of goodness that you’d pay a fortune for and lovely flavour.

Chicken soup ingredients