Anyway frittata

Submitted by Clair from Harborough

Frittata in a pan

The best thing about this recipe is that there are no set ingredients or strict measuring, just use up what you have in your fridge.   

Top tip: If you only need a few herbs for a particular recipe, why not freeze the rest? Simply wash them and chop them up, then freeze in freezer bags or add to ice cube trays and cover with water or oil – the perfect addition to any recipe!


  • 2 Eggs per person
  • Splash of milk or water
  • Salt & pepper
  • Herbs (fresh / dried. Mixed, parsley, sage etc.)
  • Cheese – grated / crumbled (whatever you have)
  • Potatoes – leftover cooked and sliced
  • Onion or leek
  • Ham or bacon etc. (Leave out for vegetarian / vegan)
  • Vegetables (Leftover cooked or raw)
  • Oil for frying (or if using bacon or chorizo fry first to extract the fat and cook in that) 


  1. Add a little oil to a suitable size frying pan for the number of eggs using. 
  2. Gently fry potatoes, onion, meat, vegetables (add in order of speed of cooking) until lightly browned. 
  3. While vegetables are cooking whisk eggs, milk / water, salt & pepper, grated / crumbled cheese and herbs. 
  4. Add egg mix to the pan, pouring around so cheese and herbs are spread evenly. 
  5. Turn heat to medium low and put a lid on the pan.  
  6. Cook until eggs are firm – cooking time will depend on the size of the frittata. 
  7. It can be flipped over for browning on both sides or browned under the grill (if pan allows)  
  8. It can also be cooked in the oven in a suitable pan until eggs are set and golden  
  9. If using the oven make use of the other space by cooking stale bread for croutons/breadcrumbs, or stewing fruit, or roasting vegetables for salads etc. 
  10. Serve on its own or with a salad on the side