Buy Nothing New Month 2024

December 26, 2023

Anyone resolving to save money and live a bit more sustainably in 2024 can get things off to a great start by participating in Buy Nothing New Month.

The campaign, led by environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy aims to reinforce the message that other avenues should come ahead of recycling, including reducing what we buy, and making use of the things we already have, through repairing, upcycling, reusing, sharing or donating things we no longer want or need – all of which can save our pennies.

More awareness is badly needed. 68% of UK adults believe that recycling is the best thing they can do to reduce the environmental impact of the things they buy. Recycling certainly has a place, but buying less stuff and therefore creating less waste in the first place is better.

Hand in hand with buying less new stuff is the repair and reuse of existing items, and the sharing of unwanted items with those who have a use for them. The aim of repair and reuse is to extend the useful life of a product or service. This has wide ranging benefits which include saving money, conserving the Earth’s limited resources and lowering carbon emissions. Reuse activities often support social and economic development, through skills training, employment and community volunteering.

Now in its second year, Buy Nothing New Month takes place from 1 to 31 January, 2024. Last year 65% of participants managed to buy nothing new for a whole month, and an additional 31% bought fewer new items than they otherwise would have.

Leicestershire residents who want to find out more or to take part in the challenge can sign up via the Keep Britain Tidy website:

Those signing up will receive weekly e-mails containing handy tips, and a free digital resources pack with information and advice on how to get involved.

During the campaign we will be sharing tips with the community via this website, newsletters, social media and events focusing on how to reduce and prevent waste and avoid buying new things. Please bookmark our page and/or find us on social media using the links below.