How to harvest your compost

November 7, 2018

How to harvest your compost 

Written by David, a Leicestershire Master Composter

I spent a pleasant few hours in the wonderful early November day sunshine breaking down my two home compost bins. It’s an annual job that I tend to put off but really enjoy once I get going!

One bin is a larger 330ltr ‘dalek’, the other is my original upcycled 240ltr green bin.

They are filled mostly with garden clippings, paper shredding / cardboard and green kitchen ‘waste’.






Clean out and restart one of the bins using any ‘still to compost’ stuff from the old bins to create green / brown layers – adding some moisture (rain water if possible) plus a natural accelerator (nettle tops, comfrey, borrage, well rotted manure, diluted urine, etc).

Finally, I added the twigs to my woodland wildlife pile behind the shed and put the thankfully few plastics bits in the council black bin.

So no excuses – get out there and harvest your own black gold!

Regards David (Leicestershire Master Composter)