Chill the fridge out

October 16, 2018

Be honest, how often do you pour milk down the drain? The chances are, you do it more often than you think. An astounding 290 million liters of the stuff is wasted in UK homes each year (that’s about 3.1 million glasses of milk each day) making milk the third most commonly wasted item of food in the UK after bread and potatoes.

A lot of milk is wasted because it ‘goes off’ before we have time to use it. A major contributing factor to this is that our fridges aren’t cold enough. The average temperature of a fridge in the UK is 7 degrees Celsius. Reducing the temperature of your fridge to 5 degrees Celsius will help prolong the usable life of your milk by up to three days – and not jut your milk, everything in your fridge will benefit from being in a fridge set slightly cooler.

At this point you might be tempted to open up the fridge and fiddle with the temperature controls. That’s great, but it’s also the point  where many people get in trouble. Those temperature controls aren’t always easy to find, and can be hard to use properly.

To help with the problem, there is now a handy website that will show you how to do it properly. The best bit, you can do it with one hand in the fridge via your smartphone.