The Waste and Environment team offer a wide range of resources to help schools reduce their environmental impact and inspire students to think more about what happens to their rubbish.

All of what we offer is free to Leicestershire schools and academies ranging from assemblies and workshops to downloadable resources and projects including the Schools’ Recycling Challenge

Our assemblies and workshops focus on ways to minimise your waste and energy usage, whether that be by reducing food waste, textile waste, composting or recycling more and we can tailor them to suit current energy, waste and recycling topics that your school may be working on.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide face-to-face assemblies and workshops at the present time but we’ve recently developed pre-recorded video presentations which can be watched online during assemblies or within the classroom, for free, to pre-booked schools.


Recycling (7 minutes):  Information around the importance of recycling; what happens to your recycling once it leaves your home and the issues around putting the wrong things in the recycling bin.

Composting (5 minutes): This covers the benefits of composting; how the process works and what items to put in.

Food Waste (4 minutes): This covers the impact of food waste; why it’s important to not throw food away and tips on reducing your own food waste at home.

Love Your Clothes (5 minutes):  Facts and information on textile waste and advice on smart buying, care and repair, upcycling, re-fashion and responsible disposal.


Please complete our online form here to express an interest in accessing our pre-recorded videos.  We will then be in touch to discuss your requirements further.

To find out further information and to download resources please click on the link to our page on Leicestershire Traded Services.

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