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Organo County Compost

Organo County Compost is produced from composted garden waste collected from the gardens of Leicestershire. It's a great supplement to home composting.

Garden waste such as hedge clippings, tree loppings and grass cuttings are delivered to the Recycling and Household Waste Sites and placed in special containers, before being taken to specialist facilities for composting.

Organo County Compost can be purchased at any of the Recycling and Household Waste Sites at just £3.25 for 40 litres.

Using County CompostCartoon of a gardening family

Cartoon of the windrow composting systemHow we produce Organo County Compost

The composting process is entirely natural and works just like it does in home compost heaps, but on a much larger scale.

When green waste is delivered from the Recycling and Household Waste Sites, it is checked, and contaminants are removed. Machines are used to shred the green waste and it is placed into large heaps called windrows. The windrows are turned each week to make sure that oxygen reaches the friendly microbes that break down the green waste.

After about 16 weeks the compost is ready. The compost is screened to remove any bits of material that are too big and the finished product is sold to a variety of customers.