International Compost Awareness Week Workshops

May 13, 2023 - 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Stokes Wood Composting Workshops

13th May 10am-4pm

As part of compost Awareness week, we are offering a day composting workshop at Stokes Wood Allotment Composting Demonstration Site, 2B Stokes Drive, Leicester LE3 9BR.

The day will include talks and practical activities using the range of compost bins and equipment available on the demonstration site. The sessions are designed to provide information and experience for both the first-time composter and the more experienced practitioners covering a wide range of composting techniques.

The session is free to residents of Leicester and Leicestershire, £12 for non residents (incl. a snack lunch). Stokes Wood Allotments are within the city of Leicester with easy access from the M1 and A50.

To receive further information and sign up to the event email:


Provisional programme

10:00am Introduction and meet and greet

Session 1 Entry Level Composting.

Introduction to composting, the stages of decomposition, the conditions necessary for composting, greens and browns, getting the mix right. Entry level composting using moulded and sectional plastic bins requiring minimal effort.

Session 2 Traditional Hot Composting

Hot composting to provide compost more quickly, killing disease causing organisms and perennial weeds. Layering the bin to provide a suitable balance of carbon and nitrogen, aeration by turning the bin, frequency of turning required, maintaining moisture levels, and monitoring temperature. Natural activators such as comfrey, nettles, manure and coffee grounds.


Session 3 Cooked Food Composting

Composting cooked food waste at home where food waste is not collected separately by the council and to avoid keeping it to await collection where waste collection service is available. Use of Bokashi fermentation to treat food waste indoors followed by composting in an entry level bin and composting using a single chamber food composter such as the Green Johanna, Hotbin or Joraform tumbler bins.

Session 4 Liquid Feeds

An introduction to making plant and compost based liquid feeds using weeds e.g. comfrey, nettles, horsetail and compost extract and aerated teas.