Food Waste Action Week 7th to 13th March 2022

February 28, 2022

Food Waste Actin Week 2022

Wasting Food Feeds Climate Change

Every bit of leftover food has an environmental impact – whether itʼs that soggy bag of salad or last nightʼs leftovers. And while governments and businesses have an important part to play in fixing the climate crisis, food waste from UK households produces roughly 25million tonnes of CO2 every year.

Thatʼs why on March 7th weʼll be joining millions of concerned citizens for Food Waste Action Week 2022, a week of action bringing the nation together to fight the problem of food waste.

This year the spotlight is on an unsung hero which lives in most British kitchens and could save you money as well as help save the environment. The humble microwave. Learn how to defrost frozen food like a ninja and you could be well on your way to saving an average of £720 a year! Visit to find out how you can get involved today.

You can also check our What’s On page to see details of upcoming events and activities where you can speak to a food waste prevention advisor. You’ll also see details of upcoming food waste prevention themed cooking classes and courses.

Keep your eyes peeled during Food Waste Action Week for the launch of our free online food waste prevention programme, “Watch your Waste”, which offers opportunities to win prizes in return for taking action on food waste at home, and in the meantime why not enter this competition from Love Food Hate Waste to win an amazing new fridge, or watch a couple of the videos below and brush up on your knowledge around food waste and it’s impact on climate change.