Pancake day – 16th February 2021

February 12, 2021

Pancake Day, also called Shrove Tuesday or Fat Tuesday in some parts of the world, falls on 16th February 2021.

Pancake day is traditionally a day of feasting before a 40 day period of fasting (lent) begins. Pancakes use up items of food such as eggs, milk and fat that would otherwise go to waste over the fasting period. In many ways the origins of pancake day are about preventing food waste and making the most of the foods that we have.

This pancake day is an opportunity to keep with that theme, and the tips below might help you;

Handy pancake tips:

1. Use a tried and tested pancake recipe. However, if you don’t have (or don’t intend to use) a recipe, measuring jugs and weighing scales, you can make decent pancakes using equal parts flour, milk and egg to make a thick batter.

A two egg batter should make 4 – 6 large thick pancakes (it depends on how large your pan is), or up to 12 thin crepe style pancakes. It’s ok to use self raising or plain flour (or a mixture of both). Self raising flour will give fluffier thicker pancakes.

2. Before you go out to buy your ingredients, have a think about how many pancakes you are likely to eat. Buy and prepare just enough. Check your cupboards and fridge before you go shopping so you don’t buy items you don’t need. Take a shopping list if you need more than a few items, and stick to it.

3. Carefully flip your pancakes using a spatula rather than a tossing them. It’s less spectacular but also reduces the danger of dropping your dinner on the floor (#foodwaste), sustaining burn injuries and getting grease stains on the walls.

4. If you find that you have been left with ingredients that you aren’t able to eat in one sitting, make use of this easy guide to food storage: Leftover batter will keep in the fridge for three days, or in the freezer for months. It can also be used to make Yorkshire puddings.

5. If you do make too many pancakes, don’t waste them. Pancakes will keep in a fridge for three days or can be frozen between sheets of baking parchment or grease-proof paper for several months. To reheat pancakes either put them in the microwave and heat for 30 seconds to a minute, or thaw and warm them in a pan.

6. If you can, aim to use up items of food that would otherwise go to waste for your toppings. If you are short on inspiration, look through some pancake recipes from around the world.

7. If you forgot it was pancake day and don’t have one or more of the key ingredients to hand – BBC Good Food Have a range of ideas for making pancakes without milk, eggs or flour – good luck.