Planning a holiday this year?

August 7, 2020

Here are a few interesting stats to ponder while you count down the days to your break.

  • Over £ ½ billion worth of perfectly edible food is thrown away in the UK each year when people head off on holiday
  • 59% of holidaymakers admitted to throwing away food before they set off; milk (51%), salad (44%), fruit (40%), yogurt (36%) & bread (34%) topped the bin list
  • 45% said they binned food because it couldn’t be frozen, but were unsure of what foods can be frozen
  • Only 13% gave food to neighbours before leaving, but 81% would be happy to receive food from a neighbour.

This year make a point of following the tips at before you leave on your hard earned break.

Top tips to reduce holiday food waste include:


1. Freeze it. Almost all food can be frozen, from bread to cheese to cakes. Hubbub have a brilliant guide if you are unsure about what can / cant be frozen.

2. Cook it. Make a packed lunch, or a homecoming meal that you can freeze. You’ll
thank yourself later.

3. Gift it. 8 in 10 people would be happy to receive food from a neighbour. Knock on a door, or try out a food sharing app. Olio comes highly recommended.