February 21, 2019

In the UK a shocking 20% of all the food we buy goes to waste. When it comes to food we’re spoiled for choice, spoiled rotten.

The charity Love Food Hate Waste are highlighting to consumers that a large proportion of that waste is due to undesirable and easily changed behaviours, such as; shopping before checking what we already have at home, buying excess food ‘just in case’, cooking too much rice or pasta because we don’t really know how to measure a portion properly, and letting salad wilt in the fridge simply because we don’t fancy eating it.

If we’re honest, we are probably all guilty of buying more food than we can eat on occasion.

The consequences of being #spoiledrotten extend beyond the personal financial loss (the average person in the UK buys and subsequently wastes food to the value of £230 per year) and the moral questionability (while we waste  5 million tonnes of edible food from our homes each year the use of foodbanks in the UK has never been higher) and touch on the environmental emergency that is facing us all.

Food waste contributes in the region of 10% to greenhouse gas emissions causing  global heating. In order to limit the damaging impact of climate change we need to change our relationship with food dramatically, and that means cherishing every morsel and wasting a lot less.



To find out what you can do to reduce food waste in your home visit: www.lovefoodhatewaste.com