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July 18, 2018

Over the last few months the world seems to have woken up to the negative impact of plastics on our environment. People all over the globe are taking an active interest into the ‘recyclability’ of the plastics brought into their homes, people are taking action to reduce the amount of ‘disposable’ single use plastics in their lives, others are going a step further and are taking action to live entirely ‘plastic free’ lifestyles – although it has to be said that plastic is sometimes an environmentally sound choice.

Many of the businesses that serve us here in the UK have also responded to the issue; whether as a result of their commitment to their corporate and social responsibilities, and/or because they risk damage to their brand image if they aren’t seen to be taking action. As a result items like plastic drinking straws and cutlery are disappearing from cafes and supermarket shelves rapidly.

Images of the negative impact of plastics on our oceans, and emotive documentaries such as Blue Planet II have undoubtedly played a vital role in raising the profile of plastics as a threat to our environment. The global reaction to these is testament to the cumulative power of many individuals working towards the same aim. Social media platforms (e.g. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) have been key to motivating large numbers of these individuals to make meaningful and positive changes in their lives – changes which benefit those people and their children, but also the multitude of other species we share this planet with. Posting or re-tweeting a clip of Blue Planet II does apparently effect peoples behavior, which is amazing. It’s something hopeful at a time when we risk inaction through either environmental fatigue or anxiety. However, winning one battle doesn’t mean the war is won. How do we keep the ball rolling and harness the groundswell in public interest, and what should be next on the public agenda?

Liz Goodwin, former CEO of WRAP and current  Senior Fellow and Director of Food Loss and Waste for the World Resources Institute set forward a strong argument for making food waste the next focus in this article:

Perhaps after reading the article you’ll feel the same way. If so, please use your social media accounts to tell people about the issue of food waste, tell them what you are doing about it. By telling others that you care you are also encouraging them to take an interest and to do something about it.

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