Make the most of your Christmas dinner. #Thinkclearly

December 23, 2017

Dealing with Christmas dinner leftovers

It’s that time of year when you may find yourself wondering how you’ll cram that gigantic turkey carcass into the fridge. Many of you will go through the thought process of deciding if it’s really worth it? How long can you endure turkey sandwiches for?

What about the leftover sprouts? You’ll probably struggle to think of a tasty way to reuse them later, especially when you are full to bursting immediately after Christmas dinner – the time when you’ll likely be dealing with the leftovers.

Lets be honest – You’ll be tempted to bin them, and lots of other Christmas dinner leftovers, especially if you are short on fridge space. How long can you safely keep your leftovers for anyway?

When you find yourself at the bin I’d like you to remember this article and I’d like you to stop. Before you throw any food away make sure you are thinking clearly. Remember the value of the food you are about to throw away. Remember that you’ll probably feel hungry again in a few short hours and the idea of bubble and squeak for breakfast is a lot more appealing when you are less stuffed than a turkey. Remember that this article contained a handy guide to making the most of your Christmas dinner leftovers – and then step away from the bin.

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