World Water Day – 22nd March

March 22, 2017

Water, especially fresh water, is precious stuff. We drink it, wash ourselves and our clothes with it, cook with it, water our gardens with it, we even use it to flush our toilets. We use gallons of it every day.

We also use a truly astonishing amount to produce the foods that we eat and the clothes that we wear.

Wasting food, clothing and textiles represents a huge waste of precious water, which is a limited resource that we should be conserving.

For example, it’s estimated that the average person ‘eats’ the equivalent of 3,496 litres of water every day, all of it invested in growing and manufacturing the foods that we buy.

A pair of jeans might represent the investment of 800 litres of water just in growing the cotton needed to weave the denim.

Wasting clothing, textiles and food represents the waste of huge quantities of water. This wonderful infographic explains more about the link between waste and water in more detail:

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