2nd March – ‘Old Stuff’ Day 2017

March 1, 2017

Yes, apparently that is a thing.

According to Google, 2nd March is celebrated by many people around the globe as ‘Old Stuff’ day, which is “a day to be nostalgic, appreciate the vintage and declutter”.

Much of the ‘old stuff’ we keep in attics, under our beds, in gardens and sheds certainly is worth appreciating, and could / should be taken care of, used, repaired, reused or upcycled as appropriate.

Decluttering, however, should be enjoyed responsibly. If you are having a tidy please don’t automatically throw everything in the general waste bin. Try selling your unwanted items, giving them away or recycling them first. The Leicestershire and Rutland reuse network accept many household items and your local charity shop may be grateful to receive them.

Here are a few other ideas:

  1. Make a point of buying second hand items, or those containing recycled materials.
  2. Repair, reuse or repurpose something that you can’t bare to part with but won’t otherwise use – it’s silly to hang on to things that just take up space. Keep an eye on our What’s on page for furniture upcycling classes, or visit this page for tips on textiles and clothing.
  3. Buy sensibly: It’s much better environmentally, and often financially, to invest in items that will last a lifetime or use, which can be repaired, which will not become obsolete, and which can be easily recycled when they do reach the end of their useable life. This website sells only items that are likely to last a lifetime.

Happy old stuff day.