Why buy when you could borrow?

November 29, 2016

According to a recent study, the average power drill is used for just 12 minutes over its entire lifetime. Most drills will spend the majority of their life in storage before eventually making their way into the bin.

Lots of household items have a similarly short working life, so does it really make sense for most people to buy and own these rarely used items?

What if you already have; wouldn’t it be great if you could you put these items to work for someone else to earn back some of the money you have invested in them?

One possible solution is to share or hire out your tools, clothes, appliances, camping equipment, or anything else that you own but rarely use.

Like most things these days, there is an app for that, and also a website. In fact, there are several apps and website based services that allow people to easily share and/or borrow household items. Most of these operate for free, or charge a small fee which is usually paid to the person loaning out the item – to cover wear and tear, and to encourage more people to share their items.

While it might seem to be an advantage to have so many sites and services to choose from, it can make hard to choose the correct one to successfully find the specific item that your looking to loan in your area. However, one service seems to be gaining popularity in Leicestershire and offers a wide range of items for loan: Peerby.com

Peerby.com allows users to log in via Facebook (although its not necessary to use Facebook to access the service) and search for items to loan from others in their local community, for free. Users can request to borrow almost anything. When a request for an item is made, other local Peerby.com users are notified of the request. If they have the item and are willing to loan it out; they can choose to respond to the request. When they do, the two parties are then free to communicate and arrange to meet and exchange the item.

Sharing apps and websites like Peerby.com reduce the need to buy stuff, helping you to save money and reducing the amount that eventually goes to landfill, they also helps people to get to know others in their local community. Maybe sharing really is caring?

Here’s a short video  explaining how Peerby.com works (be prepared for a strong accent from the narrator.), but there are many alternative services available, just try a Google search.