Plan ZHeroes launch in Leicestershire

November 29, 2016

Plan ZHeroes is an innovative way to connect businesses that have surplus food, with; charities, community groups and schools that can make good use of it, preventing it from going to waste and bringing about social good.

Plan ZHeroes held a Leicestershire launch party in Loughboroughs Fearon Hall, home of the Utilise Social Café, on 26th November 2016. The launch saw a selection of Leicestershire based businesses and charities come together to learn how the Plan ZHeroes website works and to hear about the benefits of signing up.

Leicestershire based businesses with surplus food to share, as well as charities, community groups and schools who are able to make use of free surplus food can now sign up to the Plan ZHeroes website (also for free) here:!/

If it all sounds a bit complicated, watch the explanation video below: