Join us to celebrate Real Nappy Week – 18th to 24th April

April 1, 2016


Real nappy week is a celebration of the benefits of cloth / reusable nappies / real nappies. Find out how you could get involved using the links and info below:

The Leicestershire Real nappy celebration event.

Borrow a reusable nappy kit.

Find out more about real nappy week.

  • By using Cloth Nappies, families could save anywhere from £100 – £1000 compared to using single use disposable nappies. The more children they have in cloth, the bigger the saving.
  • Currently UK families send 355,000 tons of single use nappies to landfill each year, costing Local Authorities (and tax payers) £32 million a year.
  • By choosing Cloth over Single Use Nappies, families could make up to a 40% carbon saving.