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Reusable Bags

Love Shopping? Love Your Reusable Bag!

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What's the big deal?

Plastic bag use in the UK has reduced by nearly 50% over the past few years, simply by people switching to reusable bags. This is a fantastic achievement, but on average each UK household still gets through 400 plastic bags a year! Most of these will end up in landfill or stuck in hedges, trees or rivers.

Heading into town? Take me with you!

Many people now remember to take a reusable bag to the supermarket, but how many of us think about it when we go shopping for clothes, gifts or that new CD?
There are plenty of stylish bags available now, that not only look great but are also small enough to fit into a handbag, pocket or even attach to your keyring.

Shop 'til you drop. Claim your free reusable bag!

Leicestershire residents can now get hold of their own reusable shopping bag. The bags are being offered by the Leicestershire Waste Partnership in a bid to reduce the number of plastic bags we throw away.

You may claim your free bag by calling 0116 305 0001. Please be aware that due to overwhelming demand for reusable bags we only have a small number remaining.

Terms and Conditions for free reusable bags:

1. Limited to one bag per household only.

2. Subject to availability (limited stocks).

3 Offer is available to Leicestershire residents only (excluding Leicester City residents).

4. An alternative bag will be sent if your preferred choice is not available.

5. The pictures are for information purposes only, colours and sizes may vary from those stated.

6. Delivery will be to your home address only.

7. We will endeavour to deliver your bag within 10 working days (subject to availability).

8. We would like to keep your details to complete follow up surveys regarding reusable bags and from time to time we may use the information collected to send you details of other events or promotions we will be running. If you do not want to receive this information or take part in the survey please complete the relevant area on the order form or state this when calling to request your free bag.

9. Leicestershire County Council will not be held responsible for any damage or injury resulting from use of the bag.

10. Cotton bags may shrink when washed.