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Furniture Reuse

Furniture Reuse Organisations

Have you spotted a 'Reuse collection point' at your local recycling centre? Find out what happens to the items left there, and why donating items for reuse is such a great thing to do in our new video:

If you are inspired to get involved and want to find out more there are additional resources available here:

Picture of dining table and sofas donated to furniture reuse projects

To find out more information about the furniture reuse organisations in Leicestershire, please click here.

Local Charity Shops

There are a wide range of charity shops in Leicestershire which accept donations of, and sell, reusable furniture and other household items.

To find your nearest charity shops, and to find out more about the work they do, please visit the Charity Retail Association website.

Rooms in Strange Places

This initiative run by Leicestershire County Council aims to raise awareness of reusing pre-owned furniture, through a series of mock rooms that are set up across the county in public libraries. Please check back at a later date for information on where and when more will take place.

Rooms in Strange Places Photo from Watermead ParkCouncillor Guy Jackson, Chairman of the Leicestershire Environment Board, said: “Rooms in strange places is exactly what it says on the tin! We hope library users will stop and take a second look at the displays which will be filled with items such as coffee tables, shelving units or armchairs.

“Sofas, for example, are often expensive to buy new, but they can found in good condition at reasonable rates in charity shops and furniture reuse outlets across Leicestershire.

“By donating furniture people are not only helping someone else find a bargain, but are also reducing the amount of rubbish that is sent to landfill.”